Acer outs Aspire One with Android dual-booting laptop

That Windows 7 Aspire One netbook spied out in Japan yesterday has been rather quietly introduced at Acer's European press event today, with the news

We first heard about Acer bringing an Android netbook to market earlier this year, but then heard reports that it had been shelved not too long after.

It now appears that the Aspire One with Android is Acer's happy medium approach to the platform, giving users the option for a quick boot with Android but the ability to switch OS to Windows 7 for more complex tasks.

The Android OS will boot up in 18 seconds and provide access to things such as web browsing emails and social networking,  but when you need Windows functionalities you can simply switch OS with no need to reboot. Even handier, any internet connections that are opened in Android will remain open for when you switch back.

There were no details given as to specs, but we'd expect them to be very similar to the current Aspire One D250 - think 10.1-inch screen, 160GB hard drive, Intel Atom processor  and 2GB RAM.

We'll be keeping you updated on pricing and release details when we get them, but in the meantime check out what we thought to the last Acer Aspire One in our full review and hands on video.