Acer H5360 3D projector goes on sale

We saw plenty of 3D goodies at CES, and following in the footsteps of LG, Acer has added to its 3D range with the H5360 3D projector.Turning any wall

Turning any wall in your house in to a 3D screen, the H5360 boots out a 720p HD image, but you will of course you need to wear the special battery-powered shutter glasses to get the extra dimension.

Similarly to its 3D laptop announced last year, the projector utilises Nvidia 3D Vision technology, and will need to be hooked up to a computer with a compatible 3D graphics card to produce the desired images.

Other specs under the hood include a 3200:1 contrast ratio for clear, sharp images and Acer’s ColorBoost II+ technology for vivid colours even on coloured walls.

Available now for £549.99, you can hop on the 3D bandwagon early and while you wait for 3D Blu-rays to hit the shelves, knock yourself out with some 3D gaming instead.

Let us know if you’ll be hopping on the 3D bandwagon below.