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Acer CloudMobile hits UK on September 5th

Acer packs cloud storage and Jelly Bean into its upcoming Android smartphone

Acer is launching the CloudMobile Android smartphone on September 5th according to Expansys – where you can pre-order the handset now for £285.

For that price you get impressive specs to the tune of a 4.3in 720p screen, a rumoured 1.5GHz dual-core and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS. Plus, the big sell, is you have access to Acer’s cloud servers meaning storage should never be a problem.

If the sleek black looks and future-proofed storage of the CloudMobile appeal, you can pre-order yours now at Expansys before its September 5th release. Just remember that’s the same day that Microsoft and Nokia are having a major announcement, probably of the Windows 8 variety.

[Expansys via Engadget]

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