Acer Aspire One with Android netbook priced and dated

We first clapped eyes on Acer’s Aspire One with Android dual-booting netbook yesterday, and we’ve now been furnished with pricing and date

Acer’s Android-packing laptop will hit shelves on 22 October, the same date as Windows 7, meaning there was no hanging around on Acer’s part.

The dual-booting netbook will run Microsoft’s new Windows 7 OS Starter edition, but Acer will also give people the choice to stick with Windows XP if they so desire.

Pricewise, there’s not much in it – it’ll be £299 for the Windows 7 version, and £279 for Windows XP.

Acer has also confirmed a date for the Acer Liquid Android phone we got our hands on yesterday, and we can expect it on 28 November, networks to be announced.

Via: Electricpig