9in Amazon Kindle Fire on the way mid-2012?

We're yet to see the Kindle Fire over this side of the pond, yet there's already talk of a bigger brother

The Amazon Kindle Fire hasn't even made it over to our neck of the woods and there's already talk of an iPad-baiting 9in model and a refreshed 7-incher making official appearances come mid-2012.

A Pacific Crest analyst has forecast Amazon's 2012 sales estimates, upping them from 12 million units to 14.9 million units – based on the speculation surrounding these new models. 

A 9in Kindle Fire would put Amazon's tablet in direct competition with the iPad 3, which we're expecting to drop towards the end of March. And if the rumoured deal with Viacom goes ahead, we could see the Kindle Fire arriving with an all-you-can-eat video streaming service – which would certainly bolster its entertainment options.

The Kindle Fire has done pretty well so far, with Amazon announcing that it's shifted six million units of its flagship tablet device so far. A 9in version would certainly up its appeal and give customers the choice to opt for the more palm-friendly 7in version, or a slightly bigger movie-friendly option.

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