90 per cent say Nokia Comes With Music ‘a waste of time’

With a potential price tag that’d make the most overpaid of football prima donnas weep, Nokia Comes With Music hasn’t enjoyed the sunniest

And now you Stuffers have weighed in with your tuppence worth too. When asked last week whether it was a waste of time, a whacking 90 per cent of you said yes.

With the phone rumoured to cost £214.99 and the tunes themselves shackled to the blower you buy, it seems it’s all a bit too much of a faff for you lot.

Still, we’re looking forward to seeing exactly how Nok gets on when it launches the subscription service in early October. After all, 2.1 million tracks can’t be bad!

You can read more about Nokia Comes With Music in our full preview and see it in action in our hands–on vid.