8K TV has been broadcast by NHK

Just as 4K starts to appear in affordable camcorders, Japan’s NHK is perfecting 8K TV signals

While at CES we were blown away by NHK and Panasonic's 8K TV, but were told it would be a long time before it’s working properly. And now we hear that NHK has broadcast, what it calls a compressed Super Hi-Vision 8K signal, in Japan. Colour us excited.

NHK has managed to send the 8K signal over 2.7 miles without any interference. That’s a whopping 7680x4320 resolution sent over a few UHF frequencies. With news of new superfast terahertz frequencies being used for Wi-Fi, we’re hoping 8K TV could be here just in time for super fast Wi-Fi viewing. Although the 8K technology is here, we’re yet to see film studios or cinemas using it – until then we’re keeping our eye-watering excitement under wraps.

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