8GB Sandisk Sansa Clip hitting UK

Let's face it, as much as everyone likes nifty MP3 players and PMPs, they cost cash. A lot of it. And unless you're a Premier League footballer or a l

So praise be then for the latest incarnation of the Sansa Cip from Sandisk. The new model comes packing the same style as before, but it's what's inside that counts. Namely 8GB of storage. That's room for 2,000 tracks. But the best bit is the price – a mere £44.

And the fun doesn't end there. As well as an OLED screen, there's an FM radio, support for every major audio format and some bundled buds. Ok, they'll be average, but nab some cheap ones and you're onto a winner.

It's available now and will definitely be one for your Christmas stocking we reckon. For more MP3 players, check out out top ten.


Sansa Clip 8GB

Price: £44

On sale: Now

Contact: Sansa