83 per cent say Archos 5g better than iPod Touch

It’s barely been public knowledge for a week, but Stuffers, it seems you just can’t get enough of the spanking new Archos 5g. A massive 83

The new Archos internet media tablet is being billed as the ultimate PMP, with stacks of storage space, HSDPA connectivity and a full web browser, not to mention a 5in screen that makes the Touch’s own effort look weedy.

The range is completed by two other models, the Archos 5 and Archos 7. Combined, it looks like they’ve got a real chance of breaking Apple’s stranglehold and becoming the top dog when it comes to PMPs.

With only 17 per cent preferring Apple’s all–rounder, it looks like Steve Jobs has got his work cut out. Maybe a 64GB Touch with a design tweak and some new features come 9 September wouldn’t go amiss?

We’re getting our hands on the new Archos soon, so stay tuned for a full unboxing and hands–on video.


Archos 5g

Price: £TBA

On sale: December

Contact: Archos