80GB PS3 hitting UK 27 August – for £299

Good news, console fans. Sony has just confirmed the 80GB PS3 is finally coming to the UK on 27 August. And it will cost £299, the same as the c

In a statement today, suits at Sony said,” "We have been listening to our customers and are pleased to be able to answer one of their key requests.”

There’s no chance of picking up a 40GB on the cheap though, Sony has said it’ll be phasing it out in due course. Rubbish!

And in other bad news, the 80GB will come with the same feature set as the pared down model. So limited USB connectivity and no backwards compatibility with PS2 games.

Still, with the download store hitting the PS3, we’ll need all that extra space. Will you be finally plumping for one? Let us know in the comments section.


80GB PS3

Price: £299

On sale: 27 August

Contact: Sony