80 per cent want iPhone 3G

A massive 80 per cent of you are gagging to get your hands on a spanking new iPhone 3G. With the results of our survey in, those who don’t care

The new deals have surely tipped plenty of punters over the edge, with the iPhone 3G 8GB coming free if you sign up for a £45 or £75 a month deal. You can even get a 16GB model if you sign up for the high–end price plan.

Still, it’s clear there are some dissenters out there, who prefer the more heavily tooled likes of the Nokia N96, Samsung Omnia and Sony Ericsson Xperia X1.

The 80 per cent who do want one of Apple’s new phones clearly fancy the addition of 3G and GPS, not to mention the dirt-cheap prices. Could we be seeing the iPhone getting the same kind of exposure as the iPod? We’ll have to wait and see.

To keep your excitement levels up prior to 11 July, make sure you check out Tom Dunmore’s video from WWDC in San Francisco. And remember to enter our competition to win yourself an iPhone 3G.