8 features the Michael Jackson video game should include

As the tabloids compete to dive deeper into the gutter with bizarre stories of brains being removed, free coffins and custody wranglings, news has eme

As the tabloids compete to dive deeper into the gutter with bizarre stories of brains being removed, free coffins and custody wranglings, news has emerged that Michael Jackson: The Video Game is still in the works.

The deceased star's own production company, MJJ Productions, has confirmed that the game is still in the works. It has been in development for months and features Michael Jackson's own voice and a string of his hits. The  game should be on shelves by Christmas and is expected to be available on Xbox 360 and PS3.

The title is likely to be a Singstar like trawl through the King Of Pop's distinguished discography but we've been thinking about some more unusual features:

1. A white-glove glove controller for the Wii

The single white glove seems to be the tribute of choice for everyone from Michael Jackson's brothers to Lily Allen. It would also be the perfect controller for the Wii version of the game. It could track your movements and reward extra points for Jacko style spins and on the expert setting, a perfect moonwalk.

Go here to check out a visualization based on tracking the movement of the glove in all 10060 frames of Michael Jackson's Motown 25 performance of Billie Jean.

2. Bubbles as a Yoshi style side-kick

Just as Mario is no Michael Jackson (how many hit singles has that plumber had?), so to Yoshi is no Bubbles. Michael Jackson's monkey buddy has been the butt of many distasteful jokes and it's about time he was allowed to shine.

3. A guest appearance by Paul McCartney in his Rock Band character form

Macca and Jacko had a falling out after Jackson bought the rights to The Beatles back catalogue but we'd like to play virtual peacemakers.

The Michael Jackson video game should bring him together with an aged version of McCartney's Beatles Rock Band character for a series of duets. The Girl Is Mine and Say, Say, Say would be fine thanks.

4. A strategy game based on running Neverland

Sadly, Michael Jackson failed to keep hold of Neverland, his home-turned-theme-park but the game can ignore that. The developers should add a Theme Park style strategy level where your task is to keep Bubbles and a legion of staff happy while fending off the debt collectors.

5. The ability to customise your Jacko avatar

Michael Jackson had many looks and, let's be frank, many faces. A custom character creator should allow you to pick from his many phases to create your own ultimate Jacko.

6. A Left For Dead style level battling the Thriller zombies

Thriller sold 20m copies worldwide so we're sure songs from the album will make it into the game but that's not enough. We want a mini-game with Left 4 Dead quality graphics and the chance to battle the zombies from the Thriller video.

7. Rewards for mimicking Jacko's trademark squeaks and whoops

Producer Quincy Jones might have chided Michael Jackson screaming "No squeaks!" during the recording of Billie Jean but we like Jacko's odd noises. Singing in the game, you should be rewarded for creative squeaks and whoops.

8. A Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney style segment vs Martin Bashir

Michael Jackson came off worst in his famous interview with Martin Bashir. The game should give you the chance to try again, perhaps letting you choose his words more carefully this time.