7in iPad to come from Brazil in September?

The rumour mill is whirring up to speed for Apple’s new iPad Mini and imminent iPhone 5 releases

If turtle necks were as common as Apple rumours Steve Jobs might have been a fashion icon. But, like rumours’ accuracy, they’re rare which makes this latest 7in iPad murmuring something to be taken with salt before you start tattooing its claimed September release on your forehead.

MacOtakara claims to have spoken with a reliable Chinese source who reckons Apple has finished testing its new 7in iPad and will be building it from September. However it won’t be done in China but rather in the – probably cheaper and less scrutinously watched – Brazilian Foxconn factory.

We’ve already heard plenty about a 7in iPad with Retina Display – which seems nessecary to tackle the brilliant Google Nexus 7 – so this isn’t too outlandish a claim. That’s why we’re also excited to hear the same source claim the iPhone 5 will launch this September. Time to get to that tattoo artist.

[Via Apple Insider]

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