7in Google Tablet incoming

Not only is the big G stepping into the tablet arena, it’s doing it this July – and Asus is building the hardware

The Google Tablet – originally rumoured as a Nexus tablet – is due to be released as a 7in Asus slate this July.

According to DigiTimes, shipments of the 7in tablet are due to start this June with a release date set for July. Asus has already proved itself a capable tablet maker with the likes of the Transformer Prime, so we can't wait to see what it'll do with a 7in Google Tablet.

We can but hope that the Asus Google Tablet will be first in line for an upgrade to Android 5.0 Jelly Bean, when the new OS launches later this year. That was the case for all of Google's Nexus phones, and it should hold true for the new Google Tablet, too.

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