72 per cent want 3G iPhone

Hold onto your seats gadget lovers, the results of last week’s Thursday Tech Tickler are in and they make pretty interesting reading.We asked wh

We asked which next–gen phone you were holding out for. And the response was, to be polite, pretty one sided.

A whacking 72 per cent of you said you were holding out for the 3G iPhone, with 20 per cent opting for the Nokia Tube and a paltry 8 per cent plumping for LG’s still secret Black Label Series cell.

The results are hardly surprising. We’ve all been getting caught up in the ol’ 3G hype, especially after yesterday’s news that O2 and Carphone Warehouse are slashing the price of the regular EDGE–toting iPhone.

Nokia is officially remaining tight–lipped on the Tube, an exec telling us yesterday that they could, “...confirm that we plan to bring our first S60 based touch UI device to market in [the second half of] 2008.”

Still no official word on the name of the LG Black Label Series either. We’ll find out all at a special event held in London on April 24 and bring you the news first.

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