64GB iPhone spotted?

The lesser-spotted 64GB iPhone 4 pokes its head out of the Foxconn burrow. That, or someone's having us on

Apple leak. iPhone. 64GB. Foxconn. Therein lie the salient details of this rumour, which comes accompanied by pictures and video (all below). Apparently this is a prototype iPhone 4 from the Foxconn factory with unmarked memory size. It suggests the model is in the Device Verification Stage, just before production.

And this is the screen showing a potential 64GB capacity on the iPhone 4-like model.

Could it be that all the iPhone 5 metallic body rumours are just hot air? Or is this a fake? Rumours suggest the Cupertino team tested a 64GB iPhone 4 but scrapped the idea. More likely this is a test device to take the new larger memory for a trial. Surely Steve Jobs didn’t plan this to help maintain iPhone 5 interest for Apple lovers feeling a lull after the iPad 2, frankly, failed to wow the masses? No. Never.

Watch the video of the 64GB iphone:



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