6.3in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumours surface

Oh mighty gadget gods, please have mercy on our regular, non-giant-sized hands

Following on from Huawei's 6.1in Ascend Mate come whisperings of Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 successor - the Galaxy Note 3 - which is rumoured to arrive with a (frankly ridiculous) 6.3in OLED screen.

Likely to offer a challenge for even the manliest of shovel-handed gadgeteers, the Galaxy Note 3's 6.3in display is also said to have a 1080p resolution - one of the hot trends of 2013 - joining the likes of the Huawei Ascend Mate, HTC Droid DNA and the leaked Sony Yuga.

There's no word on processing power, Android version or megapixels at this early stage but we'll be looking forward to next year where Sammy's Goliath handset will eventually be uncaged.

[The Korea Times via BGR]

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