60GB Xbox heading to UK on 15 August

Microsoft’s new 60GB Xbox 360, first given official backing before gaming powwow E3, has at last got a release date here in the UK.From 15 Augus

From 15 August (that’s this Friday), punters with a craving for more Video Marketplace flicks and Xbox Live Arcade games will be able to snag one of the new machines for a mere £199.

The Big M has also confirmed it will replace the trusty old 20GB edition, showing they certainly mean business when it comes to downloadable content on their next–gen console.

Don’t expect that price to stay around the £200 mark either. Once the big etailers get hold of it, it’s sure to drop before Christmas.

So, what do you think this means for the next bout of the console wars? Should Sony be scared? And how about Nintendo? Let us know in the comments section.


60GB Xbox 360

Price: £199

On sale: 15 August

Contact: Microsoft