60GB Xbox 360 gets official

Microsoft has announced it’s sticking a 60GB hard drive into the Xbox 360, having slashed the price of the 20GB model in the States at the end o

The new model will be tempting US gamers from August, with a UK release date yet to be announced. The move comes just before E3 kicks off in LA this week.

According to the marketing guff we’ve just cast our eyes over, the Big M says, “consumers need more and more space to store the amazing digital content Xbox 360 offers.” Hmmm, they’re certainly not talking about the ropey flicks you’ll currently find on Video Marketplace.

However, it will mean more space for storing tons of games from Live Arcade on your hub. And best of all, the price for the 60GB model will cost the same as the 20GB version did before its price was dropped – $349. That means it should cost around £160 here in the UK.

We’re chasing up Microsoft to get any more details about a UK release. And remember to keep tuned to for all the E3 news throughout the day.


Microsoft Xbox 360 60GB

Price: $349

On sale: August (US)

Contact: Microsoft