5 ways to extend that Olympic feeling

Don’t want London 2012 to end? Here’s how to make that Games glow last a little bit longer

So, you rushed out before the Olympics and bought up our ultimate Olympic viewing setup, but now your red button is frustratingly bereft of the greatest show on Earth. How will you cope? Luckily for you, we’ve put together plenty of ways to extend that Olympic feeling.

1. Watch the Paralympics

You’ll find our guides to essential gadgets for Olympics spectators, best sports spectator gadgets and essential apps for watching the Olympics just as useful for the Paralympics, which runs from August 29th to September 9th. And if you downloaded our 25 best Olympics apps, don’t delete them yet. Plenty of them will come in handy for the Paralympic Games.

2. Start thinking about Rio 2016

It seems a long way off now, but sports scientists are already thinking about how to make things better for future Olympics. For a glimpse of what we can expect in 2012, take a look at the bleeding edge technology shaking up the Olympics.

3. Get in shape like an Olympian

Inspired to become fitter, faster and stronger? Then you’ll want to start training. But don’t go it alone. Check out our guide to the 25 best sports gadgets to help you in your quest for future gold.

4. Learn from the best

If you want to know what makes an Olympic hero (or heroine) tick, look no further than our interview with Usain Bolt or take some javelin-throwing tips from Jessica Ennis. We’ll give you a call at the next Olympics. Maybe…

5. Take a break

Don’t over exert yourself – you might pull a muscle. Instead relax, put the kettle on and sit back with our list of the 25 best sports movies ever or play one of the 25 best sports games ever. You can go for that run tomorrow.

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