5 things you can do while waiting for the Tube (that you couldn't do yesterday)

Londoners: stuck on what to do with your two minutes of new underground Wi-Fi while waiting for a Tube? Here's some ideas to get you started

As platforms across London start being bathed in glorious time-killing Wi-Fi, here's our pick of the best things to do with your precious new undergound interweb connection.

Win an auction

Break the monotony of waiting for the next tube with an adrenaline-fuelled search for items ending within the next few minutes on eBay. Did your bid go through before you hit the tunnel? Are you the lucky new owner of that rare replica batarang? You'll have to wait till the next stop to find out. What a rush.

Become a busker

Throw caution to the wind and bellow out a merry tune or two with Sing Something, the competitive karaoke app that'll pit you against your friends in the vocal arena. Expect plenty of odd looks or admiring glances, depending on the calibre of your vocal efforts.

Call your mum,

Your signal bar might be dead but you can still check what's for dinner thanks to the wonders of VOIP calling. If you're feeling particularly adventurous you can even make a FaceTime call and glance upon the loving face of your significant other (or check up on your mischevious cats).

Change your LinkedIn password

In case you haven't heard, millions of people have had their LinkedIn passwords compromised. If you've broken one of the pillars of tech security and used the same key for every lock, then login into LinkedIn and change it up when you can. Two minutes on a platform could save you the hassle of a lifetime subscription to impotence medicine newsletters. Worth it? We think so.

Protect the roost

Paranoid gadgeteers can check up on their prized posessions with uCamPro HD, an app that'll let you view feeds from security cameras over Wi-Fi. Want to see which neighbour lets their dog run rampant on your front drive? Now you can. Not that there's much you'll be able to do from a few hundred metres underground, mind.

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