5 things we want from Google’s G1 phone

In mere hours, the suspense will be over and Google will have set itself up for a god almighty dong–dong with Steve Jobs and Apple. So while we

Chrome on the go

It’s a dead cert that Google Chrome will be the browser of choice on the G1, but we’re gagging to see it working on a mobile rather than our PC. Will it outdo Opera and see off Safari? You’re darn tootin’ it will!

TuneWiki bundled from the start

It’ll be on the Android app store, but we desperately want to see this real time tune sharing app on the phone from the word go. It even gives you lyrics for impromptu karaoke. Commuters will hate you.

A touchscreen to rival the iPhone

Leaked pics have suggested that as well as a QWERTY board, the G1 will have touchscreen tech too. Seeing as it’s got HTC backing, we reckon it’ll be very much like the Touch Diamond. But having had plenty of time to work on the G1, let’s hope they really give Apple something to think about.

Enough space to match your iPod

Apple’s being infuriatingly coy about the 32GB iPhone 3G, but Google could really make a difference and up the ante with that much storage under the hood. With 7Digital now MP3 only, it’ll be a breeze to get tracks for it too. It’s unlikely, but lordy would it be welcome.

Turn by turn GPS

With a slew of GPS–based apps lined up for Android, this would be a killer move on Google’s part. Being able to navigate using geotagged snaps is a goer, but if the satnav is first class, everyone will be at it. Please Google, we’re asking nicely.

You can get bang up–to–date on all things Android in our 10 things you need to know feature. We’ll be bringing you full news and video coverage of today’s announcement from 3.30pm, so keep your fingers poised over that Stuff favicon.