5 things we want from the BlackBerry Storm

RIM’s touchscreen BlackBerry Storm is coming. This week, if reports are to be believed. And as ever, it comes with a healthy dose of iPhone&ndas

Full multitouch

Despite excellent recent efforts on the T–Mobile G1 and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, the iPhone still has the best touchscreen. The BlackBerry Storm has reportedly got full multitouch to match Apple’s wonder phone. This would give it hardcore credentials in the war of attrition with Cupertino.

Copy and paste

Today’s news that full copy and paste, using multitouch, is coming to the Storm will make business types and text addicts sigh with relief. It’s a glaring omission from the iPhone and will set RIM’s email addiction device on the path to glory, make no mistake.

An app store to rival Android Market

Whisper it, but BlackBerry might just fancy a slice of the G1 as well as the iPhone. They’re said to be prepping a less trendy sounding Application Centre, offering games, add–ons and various tat to stop you working. Android Market is firmly in its sights.

Available on all networks

Vodafone’s got the BlackBerry Storm exclusive wrapped up in the UK, but if they really want to slap down their big rivals, RIM needs to roll it out to at least one other operator, and fast. They’ve got previous with handing their phones out to all networks, so let’s hope it happens with the Storm.

A decent camera

RIM’s never been too fussed about cameras in the past. And why should it, they make phones mainly for people who love working and not having fun. But this time it’s different. Sticking even a 3.2MP snapper round the back with a decent flash and zoom would make pics look outstanding on that massive screen. Fingers crossed.

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BlackBerry Storm

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