5 things we want from the Apple iWatch

If the Apple iWatch is real, here are five features we jolly well hope it has

Rumours are mounting that Apple is working on a wrist-mounted iOS device, which has been unsurprisingly dubbed the iWatch. So what's it going to do, other than sit on your wrist and look pretty? Here are five things we'd love to see it bring to the table.

Remote security

Losing your phone is a nightmare few of us would ever willingly face. But rather than panic and try to reach your nearest internet provider to register your phone as lost, just think how cool it would be to hunt down the thief using your iWatch or find which sofa it fell down the back of? Better still, the iWatch could even remote wipe or lock your phone, giving the thief a pointless brick in a matter of seconds.


If you ignore the Apple Maps saga, the iPhone is a great tool for you giving directions. But walking around with an expensive iPhone in a busy area may have you worried it will be half-inched by a thief – and getting your phone out of your pocket every five seconds can be a pain. The solution? Turn-by-turn directions on your iWatch, keeping your phone safely in your pocket.

Siri voice control

Smartphones are awesome because they allow you to access just about anything wherever you are – providing you have a signal. So for the iWatch to offer that same level of dependability, it would make sense to give it a Siri-powered search engine – just hold it up to your  you can ask to Google stuff for you. No messing around typing, just the answers you need fast.


NFC still has't caught on but just imagine how handy it would be in a watch you always have about your person. Want to jump on the Tube? Just use your iWatch as an Oyster card, and check your balance on the go. Want to pay for that coffee? Just touch your iWatch on the payment machine. Transfer your contact details? Just touch the iWatch against a phone and voila.


Come on, don't say you haven't thought about it – stick a front-facing camera in the iWatch and it could be the Dick Tracy videophone we've always dreamt about. Prepare to see Apple fans blundering into lampposts while peering at their wrists – as Google Glasses wearers look on in amusement.

iWatch images by ADR Studio

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