5 things we learned about Jony Ive

Apple's Senior VP of Industrial Design is home in Blighty at the moment becoming a Sir – here's what he let slip to The Telegraph

Simplicity is everything

We've heard this one before but it's good to get it from the horse's mouth. Jony – who designed the iPod and the iPhone – reckons that since products are tools, design shouldn't get in the way of using technology: "Simplicity is not the absence of clutter; that's a consequence," he says. "The quest for simplicity has to pervade every part of the process. It really is fundamental."

His dad inspired him to become a designer

Ive's old man was a teacher and also a skilled craftsmen who made furniture and silverware. The Apple designer says that's how he learned to enjoy making and part of the reason he ended up in industrial design: "He had an incredible gift in terms of how you can make something yourself."

The original iMac's shell was designed with advice from confectioners

Anything that connects Apple products to sweets can only be a good thing and it turns out that Ive and his team talked to confectionary experts to find out how to get the right brightly coloured, translucent shell for the original, eye-catching 1998 iMac. If that's not attention to detail, or 'finishing the drawer' as he calls it, we don't know what is. 

Even the Queen won't prise details of the next iPhone from him

Jony was asked by The Telegraph's Shane Richmond whether he would tell the Queen that Apple doesn't comment on forthcoming products, if she brought up the new iPhone during his knighting ceremony. He didn't deny it, saying instead that it would be funny. Let's hope Her Majesty has a go.

He's never been more excited about a future Apple product

Somewhat predictably, when asked to choose the iDevice he's most proud of, Ive plumped for the one Apple is working on at the moment. Which of course we know almost nothing about. He could have been talking about those new MacBooks we're (still) expecting, a 4in iPhone 5 or better yet a 50in Apple iTV set that's rumoured to be in his Cupertino studio already.

Whatever it is, Jony says it's the most important work Apple has ever done. And we suppose he should know.

Read the full Telegraph interview here.

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