5 things to do at Life Online

The National Media Museum in Bradford has a new gallery all about the internet. Get up/down there from 30th March – that's an order

What do you get when you bring together computers and museums? Super geek time, that's what, as the National Media Museum in Bradford comes into the internet age with a new gallery called Life Online, opening March 30th. But you won't be dragging your heels around dusty exhibits, there's games, retro gadgets and a giant Tim Berners-Lee face for your enjoyment.

Life Online – gaze up at a big World Wide Web-creating face

The net isn't just for science nerds, it can get creative folk all hot and bothered too. One of the Life Online installations we like the look of is Thomson and Craighead's Live Portrait of Tim Berners-Lee (An Early Warning System).

His friendly mug is made up of a grid of feeds from live web cams, using cameras placed all over the world. One is even set on top of a volcano – which makes us happy.

Life Online – show Open Source some love

The first temp exhibition is [open source]. Talking heads like Rory Cellan-Jones and Aleks Krotoski have been interviewed to chat about online collaboration. But you can also join in by helping to push blocks around to build images created by the museum's online visitors. Can anyone say Minecraft?

Life Online – see some retro chic gadgets

Get your smartphone's polycarbonate unibody or your sleek aluminium Ultrabook out to compare to the computers of yesteryear – you can gawp at the first Apple Mac, an acoustic coupler (which connected to other computers via a telephone handset), an Osbourne 1 and TRS80. This is ancient gadget history you really need to know.

Life Online – laugh at social media posers

Worried about your Facebook pics never truly being deleted from the web? These guys aren't. The National Media Museum asked people to get involved on social networks - including tweeting pics on Twitter - to make up this mosaic for the gallery. Unsurprisingly, they weren't short of volunteers.

Life Online – get giddy from web stats

We can't promise those internet stats will be the same by the time the gallery opens. All you need to know is that a hell of a lot of pointless tweets have been sent, not to mention spam emails and Google searches for Google. Only kidding, we love the internet and those figures are enough to make you bow down and worship your nearest computer.

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