5 summer blockbusters you shouldn’t miss this year

Sun is for sycophants, and exercise for the egotistical. Popcorn and escapism – that's why God created dark cinemas on one hand and skin cancer on the other

Summer sun? Who needs it when there’s a sweet-smelling darkened room filled with movie magic? Superhero films coming this year aside, here are five blockbuster films to help keep your skin cancer-free this summer.

Phil, Stu and Allen get drunk for Stu’s wedding and madness ensues once again in The Hangover Part II – but this time it's in Bangkok. Ken Jeong’s character Mr. Chow is back by popular demand and playing a bigger part as one of the main gang he affectionately refers to as his “gayboys”. Talking of walking the line of political correctness, Mel Gibson was supposed feature but got dropped after protests from crew and cast – popular guy. 

Outlook: A repeat of the first, which isn’t a bad thing.

Michael Bay and his buddies in the military have been blowing stuff up again while farms of nerds add-in CGI to make the violence child-friendly. Transformers: Dark of the Moon features another battle for a powerful device, but this time it’s on the moon. Despite our best instincts telling us it won’t be great, the inner child can’t help get excited. While Victoria’s Secret model-cum-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley keeps the man transfixed.

Outlook: Not as mind blowing as Pink Floyd’s similarly named creation but entertaining nonetheless.

Brad Pitt and Sean Penn star in The Tree of Life, a tale about a boy who loses his innocence in 1950s America. Beautifully shot and intricately detailed in true Terrence Mallick style, the director – after abandoning a similar project in the 70s – explores the origins of life. A thinker’s film that tackles the intricacies of upbringing and life itself. It’s also got a massive 65,000lbs tree in it, which is cool.

Outlook: Could be a winning brain bender. Heath Ledger, cast as the original lead, would have been better.

Takeshi Miike, legendary director of gore fests Ichi The Killer and Audition, is back with a samurai action winner 13 Assassins. Set in Feudal Japan, as all good ninja films are, a band of samurai are hired to take down a sadistic lord. So classic storyline then. What makes this special – other than a 45-minute action sequence finale – is the close look at duty, honour and violence that makes this film a self-analytical action-fest. Bet you’ve never seen one of those before.

Outlook: Bloody brilliant (the haemoglobin-filled type, as opposed to the swearing variety).

With Johnny Depp, Ian McShane (Lovejoy), Penelope Cruz and the mighty Keith Richards on the cast list, it’s hard to imagine this hunt for the Fountain of Youth being anything but brilliant. The good ship Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will be helmed by director Rob Marshall who has traditionally done more theatrical pieces like Chicago and Annie, meaning one a highly entertaining high seas hullabaloosa.

Outlook: Clear sailing for this big budget blockbuster series.


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