5 retro gaming apps for the weekend

Hitting the arcade is fun, but when you're a qualified adult with responsibilities and work commitments, going to the arcade takes a considerable drop

Hitting the arcade is fun, but when you're a qualified adult with responsibilities and work commitments, going to the arcade takes a considerable drop in the priorities list. If we could fit a proper human-sized retro arcade game into our living room, it goes without saying Pacman would be there right now. That's the beauty of apps and the solution to your arcade game urges. So we've put together five great arcade-style gaming apps to keep you entertained this weekend.

Not only is the follow on from Need For Speed Undercover a great racing game, it's got incredible graphics to boot. A particularly natty feature is the cracking windscreen each time you crash or ram an opponent, which gets progressively worse until it blows out completely. Better control is on the cards too with multiplayer mode supporting up to four players over WiFi and two via Bluetooth. The game implements the tilt control excellently and driving feels smooth and well controlled - even in expert mode with all the assists off. It's addictive but your obsessive game playing could unlock more cars, customisation options, as well as events, tracks and race modes. 

When you see Radiant you think Space Invaders, so if you like classic shooter games Radiant is sure to float your boat. The premise is simple - you are Max Blaster, caught up in a full scale alien apocalypse. You must fight through aliens, bosses and meteors to save your home planet. The higher the death toll the more likely you are to collect upgraded weapons, power-ups and improvements and upgrades to your ship and general alien adventure. The storyline adds a nice touch too, with some humorous trash talk thrown in for good measure.


If you thought Need For Speed sounded good, you'll like this tyre burning racing game too. You control your car using the motion sensor on your phone, tilting left or right to steer in that direction, dragging your finger up the touchscreen to accelerate and down to decelerate.  During play, you can pick up items like a lightning bolts for speed boosts and skulls to cause havoc to other drivers, bonuses and extra cash that are littered around the tracks. There are a few racing modes; Single or multi-player mode, play Quick Race, Arcade, Championship or Time Attacke modes.

The objective of the game: to save the world by shooting and blowing up bad guys in a 3D environment... while flying. Graphics aren't its strong point and still very much looks like a coin operated arcade game - but that's the beauty of it. Choose from one of three robots, each with a unique combination of speed, power, weaponry and armor and try your best not to crash into anything using motion control - which you can calibrate for sensitivity and orientation to play lying in bed too. It's a great game for a bit of nostalgic game play.


Pacman on your phone = fun times. Classic arcade games don't get more popular than this yellow faced favourite. There is the slight dilemma of not having a joystick but the iPhone's got you covered with a virtual one, combined with finger swipes and motion control. And it's just how you'll remember it too (albeit with better graphics) - no frills, no gimmicks just classic gaming fun. That's one of the best things about it - it still stays true to the original.

Want to see them in action? Check out this week's retro gaming apps vidcast.