5 reasons you should buy a Motorola Milestone

It sold out on Expansys within 3 hours, and its US cousin the Droid sold more than 250,000 handsets on its first week on sale in the States. If you've

It sold out on Expansys within 3 hours, and its US cousin the Droid sold more than 250,000 handsets on its first week on sale in the States. If you've been thinking about joining the Motorola Milestone club, check out the below for more reasons why you should.

It's better than an iPhone

Ok so that's a pretty bold statement to make - but when it comes to comparing spec sheets, the Milestone edges out Apple's handset with ease.

It packs a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash compared to the iPhone's flashless 3MP offering, a 3.7-inch screen versus a 3.5-inch one, a Flash 10 ready web browser to support the Flash sites the iPhone won't, and boasts an impressive 854x480 screen resolution – nearly 3 times better than that of the iPhone, meaning you'll squeeze more detail onto your screen.

On top of all that the Milestone has a microSD card slot, so you can continually expand your phone's storage as and when you need to, up to 32GB. With the iPhone you're stuck with what you decide you need at the start, which isn't exactly ideal.

You get QWERTY, without the bulk

The Milestone is currently the world's thinnest full QWERTY handset, meaning you can get the benefits of having a full keyboard for writing lengthy texts and emails without the usual problem of having to make do with a chunky handset for the pleasure.

In fact, it's almost as thin as the iPhone, measuring up at 0.5 inches thick compared to the iPhone's 0.48 measurement. Not bad at all.

It runs Android 2.0

The Motorola Milestone is the first handset to run Android 2.0, also known as Eclair, which brings with it a fair number of improvements.

You can expect an improved UI and a smarter contacts menu, allowing you to choose how to contact someone – email, SMS, or social network for example – directly from your phonebook. There's also upgraded Bluetooth support to 2.1, an improved on-screen keyboard, more camera options and Microsoft Exchange support.

Unfortunately, we do lose the satnav-killing Google Maps Navigation seen on the US Droid, but on the plus side, gain pinch-to-zoom multitouch functionality in the browser. Hurrah.

It can turn into a bedside companion

Sure it's an extra bit of cash, but if you buy the Milestone's multimedia station and link it up, the Milestone will switch into dock mode while it charges. By default it will become an alarm clock with weather showing on the homescreen, but will also display photos in a slideshow, and play movies and music as well.

The dock will also help you sync your media with your PC easily via USB cable. How lovely.

It's a bit different

Now not that this matters to everyone, but we know there's some of you out there that like to be a bit different to the masses. Someone that likes to stay away from the mainstream - who perhaps liked the iPhone before every man and his teenager got one. If you're one of those people, the Motorola Droid will certainly give you that individuality you crave.

The Milestone is only available through Expansys at the moment, meaning people will have to specifically go online to buy it, and won't be sold it in high street shops. This means you can expect considerably fewer teens running around with one just because it looks cool, and you can feel suitably smug to be within a small Milestone community - at least until Motorola sorts out its network partners.

So will you be buying a Milestone once Expansys gets them back in stock? Check out our review and let us know what you think below.

Buy it: Expansys, £449.99 SIM free, £49.99 on contract