5 reasons you need an Amazon Kindle 2

Amazon's new Kindle 2 is awesome. And in spite of a US only release, the bookish form has said they are working on international release later in 2009

It makes newspapers old hat

The Kindle 2 will get newspapers wirelessly delivered every morning, meaning you can get your daily fix without picking up uninformative free sheets or trawling websites. No more rags filling your bag, no more picking around massive sites when you hit your desk every morning.

It's the ultimate green gadget

For the very reason that it can eliminate books, the Kindle 2 is the way forward for those striving for top notch eco credentials. Yes other eReaders exist, but newspaper delivery means Amazon is shining a light onto the future. And it definitely has a green tinge.

It'll put you ahead of the curve

eReaders are still niche gadgets, make no mistake. But the Kindle 1 shifted half a million last year, 32 per cent more than a certain iPod in its first year. Get one as soon as it hits the UK, reportedly later this year, and keep your first adoptor credentials. Plus you can brag about it to less tech savvy mates.

Never buy audiobooks again

Audiobooks do a thriving trade on the likes of iTunes. But the Kindle 2's text to speech function will read to you in soothing tones a world apart from Fitter Happier by Radiohead. Load it up, kick back with a drink and let your Kindle do the hard work for you.

You won't get bored

Amazon's already served up 230,000 titles for the Kindle, with thousands more planned. And now it has seven times more space and double the battery life, there's no reason not to get hold of one when it lands here in the UK. Some titles might be pricier than hardbacks, but what price being a top gadgeteer?

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