5 reasons to quit your job today

Not enjoying your job? Even if you are these jobs will give you far more pleasure – the greatest geek jobs anyone could hope for

Get paid to be a zombie

Working life getting a little repetitive? Try death instead. Get paid to show off your best groaning zombie skills as part of the ZED Events zombie airsoft experience. If you think you could portray the hunger for brains, while being shot with BB pellets and frightening day trippers, head over to Wish and start your new life with some faux death.

Be James Bond

Now pay attention. The above page [click to enlarge] appeared briefly on DirectGov (the UK government's web portal) before mysteriously vanishing. If you've got the detective skills to find the Target Elimination Specialist role you may get to be Bond. According to the brief, the role will involve international travel, and you'll be supplied with "all necessary equipment, including passports, special watches, jet packs, mini-submarines and a Walther PPK." Just don't break anything.

Apple hardware engineer

Want to make the iPhone 6? Get over to Apple now and you could be doing just that. Of course, we accept no responsibility if you end up working on Lightning adapters.

Lucasfilm animator

Join the force. You might not have to become a fully fledged Jedi for this role but you'll have to wield as much skill with a pen as Luke does with a Lightsaber. This Lucasfilm job's based in sunny San Francisco – which, if we're honest, is a lot more appealing than working on Hoth.

Rockstar Games tester

Work at Rockstar Games and play GTA V before anyone else. Get paid for playing GTA V. In fact, why are we still writing this? We need to set up an interview. Stat.

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