5 Lego sets they need to make

First Minecraft, then Back to the Future. Here are five more Lego Cuusoo projects that deserve to be on store shelves

Lego's Cuusoo website lets geeks, nerds and enthusiasts alike vote for their favourite fan-made projects. Hit 10,000 votes and the sets become a reality, like the Minecraft and Back to the Future sets we've already seen. Here are some concepts that'll be getting the Stuff vote of approval.

Lego – Ultimate Collectors Series Lightsabers

Lego and StarWars go together like iPhones and apps, and have long been the ultimate geeky pairing for nerds worldwide. That's why we'd give anything for this collection of realistic lightsaber replicas, built entirely from everyone's favourite miniature entertainment bricks.

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Lego – Angry Birds

Everything from phones to toasters can run Rovio's avian-filled digital masterpiece, but we'd welcome something a bit more physical to lob around. Sure, you can get Angry Birds plushie toys and a board game – but they don't explode when you fling them against a wall.

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Lego – The Legend of Zelda

We're pretty sure that the sheer level of awesome created by the coming together of Lego and Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda would rip a hole in the fabric of space-time – destroying the very universe. That's a risk we'd be willing to take – if it meant that we could decorate our desks with a little Lego Link.

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Lego – Firefly Serenity spaceship

Firefly – the sci-fi TV series from Avengers director Joss Whedon – has a rabid cult following of "Browncoats," so it's not surprising that this Lego set has picked up thousands of votes on Cuusoo. Based on the show's spaceship Serenity, the set comes with minifigures based on Captain Mal Reynolds and his rag-tag crew. We particularly like the adorable little hat on the Jayne minifig.

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Lego – Motorized Tachikoma

Inspired by the Ghost in the Shell series, this clever bot can walk or roll around on its wheels, with a cheeky wave of its hand and roll of its eye dome. Made from 897 parts, including an assortment of motors, this little roller looks set to be the bane of cats everywhere.

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