5 hottest Apple announcement rumours

Apple is readying itself for a big announcement on 9 September, and as ever, details are scarcer than a sane human being at the Republican Party conve

So, we’ve had a scout around the web and picked up the hottest rumours we can find – from widescreen iPod nanos to cut–price iMacs, here’s everything you need to keep you sane in the run up to next Tuesday. Happy gossiping!

There’ll be a new iPod nano

We’ve seen dodgy cases, heard about unofficial sightings and even ad Kevin Rose from Digg show us what he thought it’d look like. At first it seemed crazy, but a Zune–like nano, with built–in accelerometer, now looks odds–on for Jobsy’s chat next week. probability rating – 5/5

iPod Touch to ease up to 64GB

With all the nano talk, everyone seems to have forgotten the big player in the iPod crowd, the Touch. Word on the web has been building for months about a 64GB model, with a slightly slinkier design to tie in with the iPhone 3G. probability rating – 4/5

iTunes will get a subscription service

With iTunes 8 a shoo–in for Tuesday, there’s a very good chance Apple will follow the lead of Napster and Nokia Comes With Music, offering a subscription service alongside their vast array of overpriced downloads. It’s been mooted before so don’t be surprised if it happens now. probability rating – 3/5

Jobs will lift the lid on aluminium MacBooks

New MacBooks are long overdue, and with the metal casing of the new models already making themselves known to bloggers the world over, it seems a dead cert that we’ll see them soon. However, seeing as the invite for next week says ‘Let’s Rock’ it’s safe to assume they won’t be here just yet. probability rating – 2/5

The iMac will get a price cut

Convincing screen shots of a not–yet–live Apple store page showing cheaper iMacs with better processors and bigger hard drives landed here at Stuff Towers today. We reckon they look fake and, like the MacBooks, any iMac plans will surely be shelved until later this year. probability rating – 1/5

So, there you have it. Fact or fiction? Let us know what you think in the comments section. We’ll be down the front at the London announcement next week, bringing you a live blog, as–it–happens pics, hands–on videos and a special vidcast too!