5 geek dating sites to bring Leias and Hans together

Feeling a little lonely in the run up to Christmas? We've picked a smattering of sites for those looking for a little geek companionship


US$4.79 a month cupidtino.com

Yes, a dating site for Apple fans does exist, and guess what? It's purposefully designed to cost users the price of a venti Mocha from Starbucks each month. No more queuing in line on your lonesome for the next iThing – food runs and toilet breaks are back on the iQueue menu.

New Scientist Connect

£75 for six months dating.newscientist.com/

If you actually understand the purpose of the Large Hadron Collider (as opposed to simply marvelling at its immense… roundness), then you'll probably want to mingle with other brainy folk. From scientists to geologists, and everything in between, your grey matter should have plenty to keep it occupied at New Scientist Connect.


£Free snoogd.com

Constantly locking eyes with commuters only to have your courage falter? Why not give them a personalised card linking to your Snoogd profile, before running away and crossing your fingers in the hope of getting a response. Sign up, get your free cards and spam away. Or leave them on a park bench and hope for the best.

Date a Gamer

£60 a year dateagamer.co.uk

We're not sure what to make of the above image. Perhaps the young chap has beaten an all-time top score, much to the annoyance of his lady friends? Maybe he's just expressed his preference for the Xbox 360 over the Wii? Whatever the case, there's clearly something afoot – and there could be for you too. Achievement unlocked: romance.

Trek Passions

£Free trekpassions.com

No amount of Photoshop wizardry can make Trek Passions look like an attractive website. But if Klingon is your second language and you're caught in the middle of pon farr, you'll fit right in among the other Sci-fi-loving members. As for us? Well, that purple 'Join Now' link above was clicked purely for research purposes. Honest.

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