5 games you must play this summer

Stay out of the sunshine and wear your thumbs down to nubs with these five games, all out this summer

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D

3DS (June 17)

Nintendo’s N64 legend gets a makeover for the handheld market. Older gamers will buy it for nostalgia purposes alone (remember our Zelda gaming flashback?), but the winning combination of puzzles and action – now in glorious 3D – will earn it a whole new 21st century audience.

Duke Nukem Forever

PS3/PC/Xbox 360 (June 10)

No game has spent as long in development as this. It’s been well over 10 years since we first heard about the sequel to the classic FPS, and the gaming world has changed a hell of a lot since the egotistical, wise-cracking ‘roid freak first shot a porcine alien in the face. But, in the current climate of hyper-serious shooters, it could prove a welcome breath of fresh air.


PS3/PC/Xbox (June 26)

The scariest of first-person shooters is back, blending blow-their-kneecaps-off gunplay with ahhhh-I’m-screaming-like-a-girl visual shocks. Play with a good set of headphones on and the lights off for maximum pant-soiling action.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

PS3/PC/Xbox 360 (August 26)

As disappointments go, Deus Ex’s sequel was up there with The Phantom Menace in the “WTF were they thinking?” stakes – but this game promises to deliver the true spiritual successor to one of the finest shooter-RPGs ever made. Open-ended, do-what-you-want gameplay in a conspiracy-ridden dark cyberpunk future and, well, lots of skulking through ventilation shafts – we can’t wait.

Dungeon Siege III

PS3/PC/Xbox 360 - out 17th June

With Diablo 3 still some time away, Dungeon Siege III is here to fulfil your clicky action-RPG needs. It’s from the makers of Fallout: New Vegas too, so should boast a better story than the last two Dungeon Sieges – not to mention the awful Jason Statham movie based on the series.

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