5 gadgets to make you superhero fit

The speed of The Flash, healing power of Wolverine, or eyes of Superman – we’ve got kit to give you all that and more

Skins RY400 Compression Tights, £70

Wolverine’s ability to heal almost instantly makes him near invincible. Meanwhile, the average person can write off a few days after a longer-than-planned run.

Skins lets you upgrade your healing factor and win back pain-free time with its Compression Tights which you can wear after training to increase blood-flow and speed up recovery. These are so tight they even make you look like a superhero.

Oakley Polarized Fast Jacket XL, £230

Not only is Superman charged by the sun but he can look directly into it without flinching too. If we do that, we go blind.

Oakley has our rubbish human eyes covered with its range of HDPolarized lenses that use a single compressed layer for clarity and complete UV blocking. But be warned: these will still melt if you use your heat vision with them on.

Vibrams Five Fingers Classics, £85

Spiderman is so agile he can do a flip using one finger – and land stuck to a wall. Vibram might not be able to elevate you to that level, but its Five Finger Classics will free up your toes to give you greater natural balance while the rubberised sole offers rock climbing levels of grip. They look pretty funky too.

Tramp-it Jump Shoes, from £100

The Flash moves so fast he can exist in his own speed force dimension. The Tramp-it Jump Shoes, though not inter-dimensional portals, will make you run up to 30% faster than your normal top pace. Out-running an unsuspecting cyclist in your red lycra Flash suit has got to be worth the cost.

Speedo BioFuse, Power Paddles £14, Training Fins £18

Aquaman, king of the seas, can probably swim faster than you right now. Speedo's BioFuse range of swim training aids are designed to sharpen your technique and increase your power so you’ll soon be able to cut through the water faster than you’ve ever imagined.



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