5 Euro 2012 videos you should watch right now

Crank up that Euro 2012 frenzy with these lunch break-friendly video shorts…

Stop-motion Lego Euros

Following the scientifically proven theory that ‘everything is better in Lego’, 18-year-old Scot Graham Love has painstakingly recreated the most memorable Euro moments in blocky, stop-motion glory. Yes, even the ‘dentist chair’ celebration from Euro ’96. 

ITV Dreams

European Championships hold painful flashbacks for England fans. Luckily, ITV’s cathartic mini series is here to rewrite the most agonising moments (Brolin ‘92, Croatia ’08 and Southgate ’06) so we can pretend like they never happened. Ah yes, that’s better. 

UEFA Euro 2012 Futsal – Goal of the tournament

One UEFA Euro 2012 tournament has already been played this year – the ‘futsal’ championships, which (you guessed it) England failed to qualify for. Still, ‘football was the winner’ when Ricardinho flummoxed the poor Azerbaijan goalkeeper with this deft, beautifully disguised flick. 

Nike ‘My time is now’

Nike is renowned for spending mega-bucks on its pre-tournament football ads, and it’s really excelled itself this year. The superstar-rich teaser above is a fine appetite-whetter, but it’s the interactive version (https://www.youtube.com/nikefootball) that’s particularly impressive thanks to its hidden ‘tunnels’ and bonus content.

Top 10 European Championship goals

And finally, what better way to crank up your Euro 2012 fever to dangerous levels than a mix-tape of the best goals from the tournament’s history. A slight bias towards Euro ’96 aside, this complilation has all the classics, from Davor Suker’s ‘super-dink’ to a certain Dutchman’s still scarcely believable volley in 1988.

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