5 cases that will give your iPhone 5 super powers

We've rounded up a selection of cases that'll give your iPhone 5 anything from super-tough armour to compact-rivalling imaging smarts

Tough iPhone 5 case – Lunatik Taktik Extreme

US$125 lunatik.com

Slap enough metal onto a phone and it'll end up out-living your fragile collection of flesh and bones. At least we think that's the doctrine Lunatik followed when it designed the Taktik Extreme. Enveloping your iPhone 5 with a Gorilla Glass Impact lens, high impact ballistic bezels with a 9mm impact truss for drop protection, it also features dust and water resistant membranes and sealed ports as well as a secure screw closure. Do your worst, gravity.

Camera iPhone 5 case – mCAMLITE

US$130 actionlifemedia.com

Sure you could just carry around a compact when you take into account the extra bulk this camera conversion kit will add to your iPhone 5, but where's the fun in that? With a macro and wide angle combo lens, a 180-degree external mic for video and a tripod accessory and mount, this aluminium shell should make for some more formidable Instagram snaps. Vignette macro coffee art, here we come.

Waterproof iPhone 5 case – Griffin Survivor+ Catalyst

US$80 griffintechnology.com

If you're desperate to record your wet 'n wild shenanigans then you can't go far wrong with this watertight offering which promises to protect your precious iPhone 5 in up to three metres of the wet stuff. Very handy for showing that Australian doctor a glamour shot of the pesky sea urchin that turned your foot into a useless swollen appendage.

Keyboard iPhone 5 case – Expansys Bluetooth keyboard case

£35 expansys.com

You don't have time for touchscreen keyboards. Your presentation is in an hour and you've got some major editing to do thanks to that bumbling intern who lost your memory stick. Don't worry, he'll be taken care of in due time. Just put your head down and get those thumbs to work. The glorious feeling of tactile keys, the satisfying click of a space bar, the bumps of an honest-to-goodness QWERTY under your fingers. Ahem. Did we mention it's detachable and wireless? Because it totally is.

Kickstand iPhone 5 case – Snap case

£25 firebox.com

Ah snap bracelets. There's nothing like the sound of bent scrap metal smacking onto a bare wrist to bring back memories of whimpering on the school playground in a vain attempt to ascend to the seventh plane of coolness. Luckily the snap bracelet built into this iPhone 5 case is merely there for kickstand purposes. Feel free to wear it on your wrist too, but we'll all be laughing at you. Fair warning.