5 of the best ZX Spectrum homages

The ZX Spectrum is 30 today – and here are some ways to show your love for the venerable Speccy

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum is 30 today – and while you might not want to tote the venerable computer around instead of your iPad, there are other ways to show the Speccy some love.

'Spectrum 48K' print by Mark Blamire


This is proper art – from no less an establishment than the V&A museum. Designed by Mark Blamire – the chap behind the infamous film posters for Trainspotting – it’s an iconic representation of the famous rainbow-striped computer. Perfect wall-candy.

Bomblighter ZX Spectrum lighter


The Spectrum design really does lend itself to everything – this Zippo-style wind-proof lighter is perfect for setting rival Commodore 64s aflame.

ZX Spectrum messenger bag


This rather wonderful looking sports bag features the Speccy’s keyboard design, letting you show your allegiance to Sir Clive’s dinky computer. If it was truly authentic, you’d need to hold the zipper in place with a bit of Blu Tac…

Spectaculator ZX Spectrum emulator for iPhone and iPad


If you’re suffering from nostalgic longings for your old ZX Spectrum, this iPhone emulator should ease your withdrawal pangs. It serves up vintage Speccy games including 3D Starstrike and Dynamite Dan, with iCade support and even the option to program in Sinclair BASIC.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to revisit the early days of do-it-yourself computing, you might be interested to know that ZX Spectrum emulator Fuse has been ported to the Raspberry Pi mini-computer.

ZX Spectrum iPhone case


There’s no shortage of iPhone cases sporting the iconic ZX Spectrum design – we like this photographic one, which picks out the horrible rubbery keyboard in all its glory.

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