5 of the best yellow gadgets

You don’t have to have a yellow gadget this summer. But you really ought to consider it

Vita Audio Selfridges Yellow R1 MkII

£180, www.selfridges.com

Pumping summer beats out of moody black hi-fi kit just isn’t right. Instead flow them through Vita’s sunshine yellow DAB radio. The battery option means you can take it outside, too.

The Kube Player

£25, www.thekubeplayer.com

About five years ago, everyone had a pop at making the world’s smallest MP3 player. Eventually, we grew tired of that game, but the chaps at Kube didn’t get the memo. And thank God for that – they’ve emerged with this tiny, tuneful cuboid.


Soul by Ludacris SL300

US$300, www.soulbyludacris.com

Ludacris wants to give you all the fun of yellow ears, with none of the awkwardness of having to ask your mate for half his liver. These big beat cans, out this month, should do the job.

Liquid Image XSC Explorer

US$100, www.liquidimageco.com

Headcams are doing evolution in reverse, from the land (and air) to the sea. Darwin would've relished finding these aquatic 8MP goggles for taking pictures of barnacles. Or reef diving.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2

£230, www.panasonic.co.uk

Tough people – those who wield chainsaws and hammers – wear yellow jackets. Fact. Panny’s 14.1MP FT2 does, too, plus it’s impervious to bumps, spills and – of course – boredom.

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