5 of the best weird tablet accessories

We see a lot of tablet accessories, but none as bizarre as this bunch

iClothing iTee and iDress

From £25, iClothing

It doesn't look like the iTee and iDress will make for the most comfortable clothing experience - especially with an iPad wedged inside – but iClothing is convinced it has created a new wave of tech fashion. It's even thinking about introducing electroluminescent lights and heat-sensitive prints in their range. Somebody stop them.

iPad hat

If there was a prize for the most outlandish hat at Royal Ascot this year, this lady and her Apple-shaped head gear would win, hands down. While it's usually up to Princess Beatrice and Eugenie to fly the flag for bizarre head accessories at everyone's favourite racing event, we'd award this fashionista with the top prize for creativity, style and pure geek chic.

The Digit-iPad stylus concept

When you find yourself without a prodding tool for your gadgets, nature's stylus is always the next best option. A quirky designer has taken this idea a step too far with what looks like the result of a mannequin mutilation. Perhaps you've got fat fingers, or have a phobia of touching shiny displays - either way, these hand-sculpted fingers won't scratch or leave greasy fingerprints on your screen. It will also freak out little kids, so that's a bonus.

Samsung Galaxy Tab bike and tablet holder

And the award for most bizarre tablet accessory goes to Samsung and its bespoke bike tablet holder. It's probably safe to say there isn't a huge demand for this breed of accessory, but if you like the idea of marrying tablet use with a bit of cycling, knock yourself out



When the iPad moniker began doing the rounds before its official release, the thought immediately conjured up images of a high-tech female hygiene product. But someone had to take the iPad joke too far. The result? The disturbingly shaped iMax. All together now, ewww.


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