5 of the best web projects

The web turns 20 today. Celebrate by using it to maximum potential – here's how

Visit the world's art galleries – Google Art Project

It's Street View, but from inside the world's most famous art galleries. Not only can you freely move around from hall to hall, but there are also incredibly hi-res images of most of the artworks themselves.

Get your project funded – Indie GoGo

Yeah, yeah, we know you'd be an Oscar-winning director if someone would just fund your first flick. Pitch your project on IndieGoGo, which helps creatives find financial backers, and maybe you'll find that benefactor (or mug).

Beat the bankers – Zopa

Still angry with the bankers? Put your money where your mouth is and start using Zopa. It matches small-scale investors with people who want a loan, so you can use it to save or borrow at better-than-highstreet rates, thus sidestepping the banks.

Discover comics – Graphicly

The comic has proven remarkably resilient to the web's influence, thus far. That may change soon, with's intriguing library and awesome online reader set to become the de facto way to publish graphic novels.

Scribble on web pages – Glass

Tweeting interesting links is all very well, but this handy browser add-on goes a step further by letting you scribble notes on web pages and share them instantly with friends.


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