5 of the best tennis apps

It's not all strawberries, queues and Cliff Richard. Make room for these apps in your Wimbledon schedule

Wimbledon (iOS)


Tennis Trakker Pro (iOS)


Although a bit on the pricey side, this app is aimed at aspirant Wimbledon competitors. It lets players store detailed information about their performances, helping them hone that cross-court backhand.

Tennis 109 with Jimmy Connors (Windows Phone 7)


Jimmy Connors won a legendary 109 singles titles. Bask, then, in his reflected glory with this collection of tips and videos that offers an inside look at the sport from the man himself.

Hit Tennis 2 (iOS)


Tired of the inevitable moans of the crowd as yet another British hope is dashed? Show the pros how it should be done from the comfort of Henman Hill.

Tennis Math (Android)


Take your own game to the next level by recording every stat imaginable in the form of detailed match logs which include scores as well as tracking shot types, errors, aces and more. The perfect way to record just how terrible a player you really are.

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