5 of the best summer tees

Ditch your old, washed out t-shirts and thread up with some of these short-sleeved summer stunners

What did people wear in summer before the t-shirt was invented? Who knows? But now we've got these...

Blue Superdry


Superdry is taking the world by storm – good enough for celebs, but without the designer price tag. Sold.



White and blue Superman


Superman is cool, so emulate his style. Not by wearing your pants outside your trousers – instead pick up this Fortress-of-Solitude-cool tee.


Ralph Lauren polo


Collared shirts are a chore. But polo shirts are - just about - bearable. When the dress code demands more than slob attire, the crisp, cool RL polo comes to the rescue.


I've Wasted My Life


Gaming tees are the closest thing a geek has to a wolf's pack call. This one pretty much sums up the situation.




Because sometimes you just have to tell it like it is.

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