5 of the best summer sunglasses

“You got to wear your sunglasses, so you can feel cool.” Follow (George) Clinton’s law with these

Ray-Ban 8041 Titanium, £170

The classic aviators now come in corrosion-resistant durable titanium so they can take a beating whilst still looking pristine.

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Oakley Split Thump, £160

Free yourselves from annoying cables and blindly operating controls in your pocket with these Oakleys which can hold 1GB of tunes with detachable headphones and in-built controls.

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Police 8306, £100

Proof that simple and traditional can still look classy. An unobtrusive yet subtly cool pair of glasses that could make Bill Gates look cool. Probably.

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Prada PR54IS, £170

These curvy, aviator-like Pradas pull of a sophisticated look in style and are a  solid match for the pinstripes and briefcase.

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Dolce & Gabbana DG2081, £160

Make a bold statement with D & G's boldly coloured range of shades which should distract attention away from that hideous Hawaiian shirt you insist on wearing every summer.

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