5 best summer sunglasses picks 5 of the coolest sunglasses to wear this summer

What’s that bright thing hovering in the sky? Seldom seen in the UK, the sun nevertheless is (sporadically) here, and we've selected 5 pairs of sunnies that'll stop you ruining your retinas...

Ray-Ban Aviator £80

?Fact: the Aviator is one of the coolest designs ever - think Tom Cruise in Top Gun or Hunter S Thompson’s iconic image. With these beauties on your face, the only thing that would make you cooler is if a room full of bad guys exploded behind you while you casually walked away.

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Jack & Jones Retro £20

?The understated design of these shades is a throwback to a simpler time – the 80s. A time when a great-looking pair of sunglasses was essential to divert attention away from your single glove and brick-like phone.

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Oakley Gascan S £70

?Oakley has always been in a league of its own when it comes to making sunglasses that look like they’ve come from the future. The Gascan’s modern looks are breathtaking, all smooth gradients and unique colours. They’re hardly revolutionary, but there’s still something about them that screams sci-fi awesomeness.

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Emporio Armani Classic Slims £80

?If the boldness of some sunglasses designs leaves you quivering with fear, this innocuous pair should be right up your street. Effortlessly simple, these Armanis will help you blend into the crowd, and those who do notice you will only notice how damn smooth you’re looking.

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Vuzix Video iWear from £180

Jetting off this summer? Don’t fancy the daunting prospect of in-flight entertainment? Vuzix’s shades might take your fancy. You certainly won't look suave, but what does that matter when the iWear’s built-in screens balloon your teeny iPod video to home-cinema proportions? It’s like having your living room crammed into your eyeballs.

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[by Michael Copus]