5 of the best Samsung Galaxy S3 concepts

If Samsung's "next Galaxy" ends up looking like any of these concepts, we'll be mighty happy on May 3rd

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 concepts – edge to edge display Galaxy S3

Now this we'd like to see – be gone bezels, you outdated annoyance you. This snap was taken from a promotional video Samsung put out at this year's CES and has since inspired almost edgeless display renders like the supremely sexy one below.

Going full edge-to-edge would just be silly – you'd constantly be pressing some icon on the screen by accident. Still, this looks like a great way of increasing screen real estate for movie-watching without beefing up the Galaxy S3's waistline. Please, Samsung, please.

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 concepts – Bob Freking's blue and white Galaxy S3

This elongated Galaxy S3 concept showed up on Concept Phones after Sammy's blue and white invites to the May 3rd London event were sent out.

While we picked through the wording for clues, designer Bob Freking clearly thought Samsung was giving away its plans for a colour scheme to differentiate the S3 from all those monochrome handsets out there.

His render sticks to the rumours of a larger 4.7in or 4.8in screen and wide home button and adds a 12MP camera for good measure.

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 concepts – bendy, 3D Galaxy S3

This flexible Samsung handset has shown up on Chinese forum XDA a couple of times recently with juicy specs like a 4.6in Super AMOLED Plus display that also – strangely – happens to be 3D. Now, 3D hasn't been top of our Galaxy S3 rumour mill but maybe Samsung reckons it can succeed where LG and HTC have struggled.

And a bendy (or bent) design could be another way to give the Galaxy S3 the edge over the masses of Android phones due out in 2012.

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 concepts – NAK studio Galaxy S3

This is what NAK Studio design blogger Psikopathe wants the Galaxy S3 to look like. And even though it's plucked straight from his phone-obsessed imagination, Samsung could do a lot worse than this sleek, squared-off design with a Motorola RAZR-style bump that looks pretty good in these renders.

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 concepts – curvy Galaxy S3

Leaky, leaky Samsung – tsk tsk. Well, GSMarena would have us believe that this is the real deal – a leaked press shot of the Galaxy S3 just days before we'll get our hands on the hardware.

The big, 4.8in Super AMOLED screen is there, as is the wider home button – along with some palm-friendly curves and more than a passing resemblance to the Galaxy Nexus twin we saw being fondled in the Tinhte video. Curious.

For more Samsung Galaxy S3 specs and design rumours, check out our (now, massive) rumour round-up.

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