5 of the best remote controls

Eugene Polley, inventor of the TV remote, has died. These all-singing, all-dancing channel-hoppers are the evolution of his legacy

Sky+ HD Jubilee Remote

£25, sky.com

Like your Sky+ box and want to show your excitement about the Queen’s Jubilee? Now there’s a way to show it with this Sky Jubilee wand made by universal remote manufacturer One For All.

Sony Tablet S

From £300, sony.co.uk

Sony’s Tablet S packs some handy features up its unique looking sleeve, not least an IR transmitter that allows it to be used as a universal remote. Best of all, it’s virtually impossible to lose down the back of the sofa.

HippoRemote Pro

£2.99, hipporemote.com

HippoRemote Pro claims to be able to control anything. If that extends to being able to veto the wife’s BGT demands, it’s money well spent even if you have to buy an iPhone or iPad to run it on. Back in reality, the app acts as a full remote for your computer, including the increasingly important keyboard and mouse functions.

Logitech Harmony One

£100, currys.co.uk

The relatively old-school Harmony One still reigns for the more pragmatic universal remote user. It’s got billions of (backlit) buttons plus a touchscreen, making it a proper handheld workhorse.

Griffin Beacon

£50, apple.com/uk

Most phones don’t have an IR port, making them the chocolate teapots of the universal remote world. Griffin’s Beacon takes your phone’s Bluetooth signal, converts it to IR and sprays it around the room. Sold. More chocolate tea, anyone?

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