5 of the best red gadgets for Comic Relief

It’s Red Nose Day 2011. Tickle yourself by picking up one of these gadgets to match your rouged hooter

Dell Streak

£400, euro.dell.com

In case holding a 5in tablet up to your face while you make a call isn’t drawing enough attention, Dell’s issued a cherry red edition. The modern clown wouldn’t be seen dead with anything else.

Zikmu Parrot by Starck Red Dragon

£1000, parrotshopping.com

Drawn by the pen of Philippe Starck, this iPod docking speaker tower isn’t cheap, but when you see what he charges for uncomfortable plastic furniture, you’ll understand the Zikmu is actually a bit of a bargain.

Nikon Coolpix L120

£210, www.amazon.co.uk

It’s been out less than a month, has a 21x zoom and a 14.1MP sensor that’ll shoot 720p vids. So why has Amazon knocked £40 off the asking price? We’re off to buy a few while you scratch your head.

Monster Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD

£175, store.apple.com

A pair of over-ears that are as loud on the outside as they are in your ear canal. Dre’s folding Solo HD cans also have Monster’s ControlTalk iPhone/iPod remote on the cable.

Nintendo 3DS

£195, www.gamegears.co.uk

Ninty’s autostereoscopic 3D handheld is on the cusp of release, which means you won’t have it in time for Red Nose Day, but at least you can put a big old smile on your face by hitting the pre-order button. Oh yes.

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