5 of the best real life video games

Forget Kinect – play video games live at the Science Museum in London this week. Here's some inspiration

You'll find us playing real life Pong this week (complete with ping pong table projected onto the floor) when we're not rubbing shoulders with Quake 2 characters in the First Person Shooter gallery of the Science Museum.

The Live Gaming Player festival runs from Wednesday 28th September to Sunday 2nd October but if you can't make it, here's our favourite inventive video game recreations. Warning – if you were searching for video games with sob story chat-show plots, look elsewhere.

Real life Mario Kart

Crazy Frenchman Remi Gaillard recreates Mario Kart, complete with white vans, motorbike gangs and angered parking wardens. Who hasn't imagined flinging a deadly banana at that idiot who sped off the second the lights turned green?

Real life Portal

Every present we open this Christmas, we'll secretly be hoping for a Portal gun. We deserve it more than the clowns who made this video.

Angry Birds Live

OK we realise it's a T Mobile ad which equals footage of happy-go-lucky pedestrians and commuters taking snaps of zany group activities. But at the same time, anyone who's ever played Angry Birds would probably like a go at catapulting "real" birds into trees and strangers you don't like the look of.

Real life Space Invaders

The Royksopp Happy Up Here video gets an honourable mention but can't match the sheer dedication of this lot who swapped seats in a lecture hall and turned it into stop motion Space Invaders magic.

Real life Pac Man

Remi's back (see Mario Kart) and this time he's running around a supermarket, golf course and a pool bar dressed as Pac Man. Where does this guy find the time?


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